About the Circle

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The Puerto Rico Math Circle grew out of the need to provide continuous support for students who wish to engage in high-caliber mathematical thinking. Ever since I returned to Puerto Rico in 2003, I had thought about starting a circle, but instead focused on incorporating the teaching methodologies of math circles into my undergraduate courses. Although I did experience some success, the rigid nature of syllabi hindered my plans. I was able to accomplish a little more with a course on mathematical reasoning, which I reinvented several times, but again, the bureaucracy caught up with me and I was forced to abandon my project. However, as I was teaching a summer course for high school students, I began to introduce them to the wonders of mathematical and logic puzzles–and they loved it! Out of those exchanges blossomed the Puerto Rico Math Circle, to which I gladly commit several hours every week, especially at WALKS Elementary School, and less frequently, at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. I’m also training four undergraduate students on how to run and organize circles. It’s refreshing to be in touch with younger students again–students who have not suffered as much from a dysfunctional educational system and who very naturally appreciate the beauty of mathematics. To them, I bow.

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